Please find below some important post-operative instructions. They contain information that will help answer any queries or concerns you may have after surgery. Please follow the information closely to avoid any complications.

If you do feel unwell or are experiencing complications, please contact my rooms or the mobile phone number given to you prior to surgery. The hospital where you had your surgery is also able to contact me.


Information for after:

Grommet insertion - the complete guide              

Tonsillectomy (with or without Adenoidectomy)              

Adenoidectomy   (without Tonsillectomy)

Septoplasty / Turbinate reduction / Endoscopic Sinus Surgery (FESS)


Middle ear surgery (ossicular chain reconstruction/stapedectomy)

Ear drum repair (Myringoplasty) / Mastoidectomy

Exostosis repair




Please note that the postoperative information contained in the above articles have been written specifically for Mr. Ben Cook's patients. Please do not reproduce or edit these documents in any way without written permission.