Why Benjamin Cook:


Friendly and Approachable

Excellence In Care

Multiple Practice Locations

State of the Art Treatment


Ben is a Director of ENT Victoria, the state's largest and most comprehensive ENT Surgical Clinic.

Ben ensures his patients receive the latest evidence-based medical care through his close affiliation with St. Vincent’s Hospital. Ben regularly teaches medical students and mentors doctors training to be Ear Nose and throat Surgeons. He also acts as Tutor for the University of Melbourne.

His offices are modern and comfortable and his highly professional team of staff are always on hand to make your treatment as pleasant as possible.

He prides himself on his friendly, warm nature and always makes himself available for queries from GPs, patients and their relatives at all times.




Attendee - Pacific Paediatric and Rhinology Meeting - USA

Australasian Royal College of Surgeons - ENT Fellowship Exams              Local Co-ordinator

Attendee - AOHNS meeting, Perth, WA


Attendee - Surgical Techniques Meeting Chinese University Hong-Kong

Attendee - ASOHNS meeting, Adelaide SA


Tutor in ENT - Melbourne University

Co-Chair Laryngology Section, ASOHNS Meeting Melbourne

Attendee Advances in Rhinoplasty, Chicago, USA


Lecturer in ENT - Monash University

Tutor in ENT - Melbourne University

Attendee 3rd International Sleep Surgery Conference, Singapore


Lecturer in ENT - Monash University

Tutor in ENT - Melbourne University

ENT Fellowship Exams Local Co-ordinator Royal Aust College of Surgeons

Invited speaker, Victorian Post-graduate Medical Foundation


Clinical Tutor in Otolaryngology, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland  

-  Specializing in Head and Neck Cancer surgery

-  Additional training in ear, sinus and rhinoplasty surgery

Examiner in ENT, Penang Medical College, Malaysia

2004 - 2007  Fellowship Training in Otolaryngology, Head and Neck Surgery,  Melbourne

2002             Lecturer and demonstrator in Anatomy and Physiology -  Monash University  

2000 - 2003  Internship and Residency training St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne

1999             Bachelor of Medical Science - Melbourne University 

1999             Bachelor degree in Medicine and Surgery - Melbourne University

1991             Winner Australian Student’s Prize for Excellence in VCE


1998         Bachelor of Medical Science Thesis - “Fusion of the Human Processus Vaginalis” 

                 F Douglas Stephens Laboratory, Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne


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2. Radionuclear transit to assess sites of delay in large bowel transit in children with chronic idiopathic constipation.

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3. Tracheostomy in children with nemaline myopathy

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Int J Pediatr Otorhinolaryngol. 2005 Feb;69(2):263-6.

4. Fusion of childhood inguinal hernia induced by HGF and CGRP via an epithelial transition

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Also presented at World Congress of Paediatric Surgery, Liverpool, 1999.